Outlook is a complex program. This is just more pain and suffering from Microsoft on their legacy products. Hi, I followed the directions- I thought- however the email addresses were not printed out with the names. These solutions never worked for me. I followed the steps above to remove Optjon from the search results.

Back in February I read a blog post from Andre Leibovici VDI and Microsoft Outlook, analysing the variablesa very well known and respected expert in the virtualization and VDI pput. When using Outlook in pit Exchange environment, it is recommended to use Cached Exchange Mode. This mode offers better performance for the end user and reduces greyrd on the Exchange environment as well. In addition, using Cached Exchange Mode allows users to use Outlook Instant Search for fast searching of items in their outloook.

Instant Search works by indexing the contents of the OST file so all searches occur locally and not on the Exchange server, further improving performance and reducing utilization on Exchange. VDI environments that we see at our clients are typically configured as non-persistent or floating pools of desktops. That is, each user connects to a pool of identical desktops and grabs whatever desktop is available. When the user logs off, any changes written to the VDI desktop are discarded and the desktop returns to a pristine state.

There are mechanisms and tools in place to make sure user data is retained at logoff. For these and other reasons, Outlook is typically configured in Online mode when used with VDI. That sounds bad, but advances in Exchange technology specifically with Exchange have made this much less of an issue. According to Microsoft that amounts to a 0. We can make it worse bacm assume that all users also have Blackberry devices, which introduces a multiplier of 2.

What about searching from Outlook? Is searching in Online mode pt than using Outlook Instant Search? And the impact on the performance of the Exchange environment is almost negligible. In my opinion the major drawback of using Outlook in Online Mode is not performance but rather availability. In Exchangethe RPC endpoint has been moved from the Mailbox server outllook the Client Access Server. Unfortunately that is only true if the user is outlook Cached Exchange Mode, as Online Mode users experience a brief period where Outlook becomes frozen and unresponsive.

Similarly, if the Exchange environment experiences an outage then Online Mode users are completely frozen and locked out of their mailbox with no access to messages. Cached Exchange Mode users would not be able to send and pput new messages but would still have access to the contents of their mailbox since they are working off a locally cached copy.

There is no longer any penalty for using Online Mode vs. The user experience may be slightly better with Cached Exchange Mode but likely greyef by much. Most of the issues with Outlook in a VDI environment are around availability, not performance. Although these cannot be eliminated, properly architecting your Exchange environment can help eliminate single points of failure and provide excellent availability to users. Many of the problems are addressed in Exchange and it can deliver a good Outlook experience for all VDI users.

We are a Xenapp 6 shop so our Lookout clients all run in online mode of course. Searches either take forever or stall and have to be restarted once or twice to kick in. Have you seen anything like this? The last version of Lookout that I recall using was ggreyed Outlook before Microsoft purchased the company. Or do you mean Ojtlook ? In fact issues around dragging large Outlook caches around in hot-desking scenarios are one issue among many that is driving our customers to look at VDI solutions.

Have you tried putting the users who are having the problem put back option greyed outlook in Outlook ? Are you using Exchange or ? Sam — thanks for reading and for the link! In online mode the searching is useless. I can never get it to return any results, even with my exchange really not working hard at all. We are having a problem with our setup which has Outlook published onto a virtual desktop.

The search works on the Exchange server but all the optional parameters to, from, attachments etc are greyed out in the ribbon. We are running Windows 7 so there is nothing to install for search, I think. It is turned on in programs and features, although indexing is not. Has anyone any ideas bck we need to do to get the Exchange server to respond to the search parameters? Thanks very much for any suggestions of where to look.

Did you find a solution for this? From what I understand Indexing Service is required for searching. Regardless if you are in cached mode or online mode. If you install the indexing service, but then disable the index of the local drive, you will significantly improve the online mode outlook search experience without taxing your grsyed put back option greyed outlook indexing. We do this on all xenapp servers. The title should be: fear Outlook anyway if you work with Exchange in VDI.

What if you have multiple shared mailboxes? This is basic search technology of previous millenium. It works on cached copy. Why not using the same on complete Exchange server? We work with order numbers, item numbers and search regularly, but if you do not upt exact match on the beginning, forget it. As at least the search can produce valuable results.

Really bad way Microsoft is going. I cannot understand there are not more people complaining. It seems Stockholm syndrome is not only for Apple greyee. CLIENT PORTAL LOG IN. Great post — really useful information and very concisely put. I should note that all our Outlook users are on xenapp servers xa4. This is a late reply to this but I also oytlook the same issue with pesos with outlook on RDS on Geyed R2 and exchange Also hosting Exchange online with RDS or VDI is pretty much not an option….

This article is a fantastic summary opion the issues and very helpful.

How to Fix Greyed Out Files on MacOS

11 comments to Stop outgoing messages and delete stuck items from Outlook for Mac’s Outbox. sorry Matt – Lookout is my pet name for Outlook I totally forgot there was an actual lookout product back in the day. The servers don’t seem to be breaking a. Aug 08,  · Hello everyone, We have been running Outlook at our office and recently we started upgrading to Outlook Everything went smooth untill I added.