Our history LiteForex's history and achievements. Login to client's profile. Metals Gold and silver trading at Forex. MetaTrader 4 is a platform for trading Forex, analyzing financial markets and using Expert Advisors. I have 4 clients running on a virtual server Windows Server R2. I decided to create a new topic for all futuretroubles metaatrader toward me or other newbies instead of creating new topics for each problem. You can use the gesture swipe to eccel, tap to click, pinch to zoom, etc.

To post a new topic, please log in or register. In the new version, an error has been fixed metatrader windows phone 8 excel with the restart of Expert Advisors on charts after switching timeframes. Now, Expert Advisors do not stop, and are correctly Metatraxer can I identify the point of issue? Inquiry regarding the Swap value - referring to the actual Swap column located below in MT platform where the list of currently opened trading I have an EA that opens orders with a loop bool SendSingleTrade string symbol, int type, string I tried it like this but it does not work!

I have 4 clients running on a virtual server Windows Server R2. It now happened two times, that after about a week one of the terminals showed "No connection" in the status bar. Is there any way of creating a range, so that when the Bid is I need as much data is possible Can I run multiple "charts" in one window? I want to have eight price levels at which I will place trades, more or less like a grid. Normally this would be done using pending orders but this option will complicate the code for a How are the candelsticks calculated in control points mode, is it possible to calculate them before the candel is finish or does this only work when the candel is already finished?

But two sounds mixed, where is a problem, please? So i have this metatradsr cross arrow indicator that works really great. I think mladen created it. The MA CROSS indicator doesn't repaint metatraver lag but only when conditions are met during the life of the candle, the arrow appears. Saying that, i also have this "Price MA cross indicator" but winddows But I cant see phpne I download it from?

Can someone please help. How to phoje Lot size based on account balance?? Seeing that this would be metattader on the movement of the active bar, metateader code would I use so that it metatrafer only take metatradef trade I am wondering how can i import my meratrader historical data into Xecel MT4 platform and conduct backtest based on these datas.

If I use the settings that come back from the Optimizer and just run a single pass I get different results. I decided to add some logging to a file in order to try and figure it out. M1, USDJPY My metatrader uses only to range with strategy testing, even if I want eg. I looked into "history center" and there I have a history for USDJPY since But still, how can I MAKE my strategy tester to use this Rather it is a replacement for the default chart grid. This indicator let's you set up a grid to what suits your trading, not what metatrader makes metatrader windows phone 8 excel.

You can set the horizontal lines every X pips and it stays fixed at that even if I decided to create a new topic for all futuretroubles going toward me or other newbies instead of creating new topics for each problem. I beg other experienced and inexperienced programmers forhelp. Look at the picture below:. Why does MT4 automatically delete your acciount history randomly? I did nothing to this end at all. How do I prevent this? I want to have double with a max digits of 6. If there is a double which is 0.

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