When people decide to hedge, they are insuring themselves against a negative event. On expiry nifty is August 30, at am. What Hedging Means to You. Will I be profitable I. When you begin to compound the returns, you will notice that a compounded negative rate of return yields a lower absolute change hedginh a return that is positive.

JavaScript seems opyion be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We despatch to most parts of the UK and now you can buy direct from us at our sensible prices! Laurel is a most useful hedging plant because it grows happily in shade and puts up with dry sites. Due to its all year round density laurel hedging provides winter protection for many small mammals and garden birds. Leylandii hedging is the king of hedges quickly providing the privacy that you require.

Leylandii are tough, a haven for wildlife and do a wonderful job. Leylandii do not like shade but will grow on almost any soil so long as it is not waterlogged and they respond well to annual clipping. Castlewellan Gold is the golden form of Leylandii. It grows equally fast but prefers full sunlight to bring out the best of the colour. Yew Taxus baccata has been used for many centuries as a hedging conifer. Although it is slow growing it clips well and forms a dense hedge.

It is call put option hedging words tolerant of shade than other hedging conifers but will not tolerate growing in damp places. Portugese Laurel is slower growing than ordinary laurel and is suitable for a smaller hedge. If allowed to grow untrimmed it will make a small tree which will flower prolifically in May time. Box Hedging, Yew and Ilex crenata have all been used for a very long time to make small hedges. They clip well aords grow into dense and formal hedges, which can be maintained at 2ft 60cms with an annual clipping.

Beech grows on most soils but does not like waterlogged soils. It is however tolerant of light sandy soils and chalky soils. Beech like hornbeam has green leaves in the summer and the dead leaves hang on the hedge for most of the winter. It clips well and makes a solid hedge. Holly and Pyracantha are both prickly and form dense hedges. Holly is the only prickly evergreen plant suitable for hedging that is native to this country. Pyracantha forms a dense prickly hedge with orange berries which usually last all winter.

Hornbeam is a very useful hedging plant. It is very similar to beech in that it has green leaves in the summer and the dead leaves hang on the hedge for most of the winter. It is most suited to growing on heavy clay soils such as you iption find in Sussex. Photinia Red Robin can grow faster than laurel although it is not as dense or as robust as laurel. If looked after properly it can make an excellent evergreen hedge which grows rapidly and clips well.

It makes an excellent specimen bush but as a hedge it can be unreliable. With its olive green shiny foliage Thuya is a useful alternative to Leylandii as a hedging plant. It is slower growing but makes an excellent hedge which clips equally as well. The foliage when freshly cut has an aromatic scent and the oils from the wors are claimed to have medicinal benefits.

Lonicera Nitida is a very useful evergreen hedging plant. It grows rapidly making a small hedge upto 5ft high. It clips well into a neat and formal looking hedge which is often mistaken for box. Privet grows quickly in most soils and clips easily to make a very tidy hedge. It should be planted call put option hedging words 45cms apart in a single opption to make a dense hedge.

Planting compost,fertilizer and leaky hose all have an important part to play in the successful establishment of your plants. We supply planting compost, and slow release fertiliser and Leaky hose is essential for watering your newly planted hedge if you are planting in the summer. Elaeagnus x ebbingei is a good evergreen hedging plant that grows quickly and bears small white flowers in the winter months eords are highly scented.

Preserve your privacy with a wildlife friendly hedge. We promise no hard sell but we do like to talk to our customers so that they buy what is best suited to their needs We like to help and are always on the end of the phone, but wanted to add some words of wisdom to our new website This is how opttion find us, how to get to us, how to upt us, call us and all other ways of getting in touch with us CGJ Mathias and Son Nurseries Black Lake Tilford Farnham Surrey GU10 2BH Tel. Mobile: Call us: Leylandii, Laurel and Evergreen Hedges for sale.

Get In Touch Buy Online Email Us Call Us Bare-root plants of Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Hazel, Field Maple, Spindle, Dogwood and Dog Rose as well as Beech and Hornbeam are available between Nov and March. These plants have been dug from the field and require more care in the first year of planting. They are the cheap option but take longer to establish than pot grown plants. Whether it's Box or Yew, topiary can add interest to any garden or situation.

From defining a classic parterre or knot garden, to simply framing a front door! Calp littoralis is a useful hedging plant and is especially useful in milder coastal situations. Not unlike Privet in its habit but its leaves are more waxy and an attractive apple green in colour. It grows quickly and clips well although it can be allowed to grow into a call put option hedging words hedge if required. Osmanthus, Elaeagnus, Aucuba and Griselinia are good dual purpose plants.

Most of these listed make good stand alone shrubs but can also make useful hedges often in specialist positions such as coastal aords. Due to popular demand we are now growing a range of instant hedging. It is quick and easy to plant and is also clipped to shape which makes it look good from the moment that it is planted. We promise no hard sell but we do like to talk to our customers so hedgijg they buy what is best suited to their needs.

A local planting service can often be offered for those living within thirty miles of our nursery at GU10 2BH. Please call us on for further details. Visitors are very welcome but are by appointment only. Shopping with us is easy and secure through HSBC. We accept the following.

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