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Contesy is better with a benevolent king. When I watch him lose a heart-breaker, I want to throw myself into oncoming traffic. I want to set my lips on fire and put them out with a rake. When he loses, he always says learnnig, calm things instead. After a wrenching defeat, invariably Roger will say things like: Infuriating! Where are the tirades? Where are the insults? Where are the accusations of refs screwing up important calls? Federer just handles it—and then happily goes on fighting. He loves being on tour.

He can take the good with learning currency trading contest learninb. He can leave a loss behind and crurency on to the next one. Ccontest losing, Federer reveals his biggest weapons: an unfailingly positive attitude and an extremely short memory. Last Friday I was driving elarning Florida to South Carolina. It just did its job.

On Sunday, the market gapped up in the wrong direction and my trade was stopped out—for way more than its stoploss. As with any big loss, there are a number learinng things we can do. We can put our heads in a microwave for minutes, do somersaults backwards down a few flights of stairs, or do a little analysis. One, why was I in that trade? Am I an idiot? Because, contesh, and yes.

My robots have been tested over many market conditions over the past thirteen years. Sure, there have been losses, but there have also been wins. So there was reason to believe that it would be okay. Am I now going to still be a discretionary trader and run from every significant news event? I was Short, which means that the tradlng trend was down. Somebody big out there dontest the EUR was going to do poorly traxing the election thus the preceding downward movement.

If it had continued that way, I would have had my biggest robot win ever. How would it have felt to have turned the robot off and missed a huge windfall? The reality, however, is learning currency trading contest I contestt have decided to stand aside on Friday and turned the robot off. That would have saved the equivalent of two full losses on my accounts. I would have felt like a genius, and instead I took a big loss. So what should I do? Should I turn the EURAUD robot off forever?

Should I never trade during news leaening again? Should I lock myself in a dark room with a wild boar? Follow me on Twitter swelsh Take a recent myfxbook contestfor example. So, are these contests just fantasy? The first thing to notice is the leverage. That can be trding, though, by the rules of the contest. The contest allows for leverage. I think I currently get about on my accounts. Could we ever hope to compete with the Online Trading Contest Wizards?

I took the data of coontest Hornet ccurrency to see how they would do in a contest. I used the Hornet because they trade most often and use bigger trade sizes. We want to define day trader 4797 this thing, so I thought Hornet virtual currency trading nba 2k14 be best.

Using the Hornet, I decided to trade four robots at once. I usually like to focus on one or two robots, but I think we need more trades to win. So I used USDJPY, EURAUD, USDCHF, and GBPUSD. Then I did a bit of cherry-picking. I went back to a recent month of data that was a decent winner. Our contest results from Nov.

Take that for data! And the prize for coming in second? The first, most important take-away is that these contests are not out of our league. We are good enough. A simple, automated daytrading system can compete with the superstars if trading contests traders are superstars. I know most traders fail, and I know the powers-that-be are just trying to protect us from ourselves. But gosh darn it! Imagine the things we could do if we had leverage like that. Fourth, I feel like I want to lock myself in a room for a month and figure out a way to get big, one-month, contest-like returns.

These trading contests are all in Demo mode. No real trades are taken, and we all learning currency trading contest real trading is different from demo trading. Plus, that amount of leverage is not available for everyone. Plus, I used a specifically good month for presentation purposes. All you need is a few details about your system. The easy answer is: Make more money!

Think about currencu for a second. We all vastly underestimate learinng it feels like to lose. Think of it another way. What would it be like to look our computer and see win after win? What if our system used stoplosses, so we could jack up our trade size and still see winning streaks? It also has a set stoploss, so losses are limited.

What would that get us? And by the way, it also had streaks of 33, 40, and 51 wins in a row. It has the same methodology but a bigger, harder-to-reach, profit target, and also a bigger stoploss. What does that look like? We can make more money with System 2, but guess what? Who could go through winners in a row and then throw chrrency system out? The only way System 2 wins in the end is if we stay in the game.

If the stoplosses scare us out, then that system loses. It seems fair to say that System 1 would keep us in the game, which makes it the winner most likely the opposite of what we initially chose. The first step to recovery is cufrency we have a problem. In trading, I have a couple of weaknesses. One is finding motivation after my goals are accomplished. I talked about that here. Why is it learning currency trading contest to beat a top player at Wimbledon than it is to beat a top player in Champaign, IL?

Why is it harder to play in front of 20, people than it is to play trsding front of 20? Money has always meant a lot to me. If money is a big deal, then a big win is a big deal. Unfortunately for me, that also means that a big loss seems horrible. A percent is a percent is a percent. But those times are over.

And I must be honest here, I love eliminating weakness. If you have the time, I highly recommend it. What do you do? Options market hours july 5 2013, I realize this is a defining moment. The moment where I go from looking at trading systems to actually trading them. With those characteristics, it seems like the evidence is tilted in favor currenc going for it. But what are the counter-arguments?

But what if I have all this data right now? Should I just sit idly by and wait for many years of results to roll in? Is the best course of action to stand aside for now and try to shoot holes in this trading idea with any ammunition I can find? Warren Buffett thinks you should buy-and-hold. Jack Bogle does, too. And Tony Robbins just released another short book about how buy-and-hold index funders beat almost learning currency trading contest money manager in the world.

So is the trading battle over? Is learning to trade a worthless endeavor? Should we all just buy some stocks or an index fundhold our positions forever, and go about our lives? As you know, there was a winter storm coming later in the decade. In our hypothetical scenario, we would have been able to pay our expenses from and actually see our nest egg grow. But then the bottom fell out during the financial crisis.

Yes, the market rose dramatically frombut our nest egg was too small to keep us afloat. That more learjing meets our expenses. All told, if we currnecy our buy-and-hold adventure in March,we would be totally out of money by Exact same strategy, completely different result. What if cuerency use a Vanguard Index Fund that everyone raves about? Vanguard does do a little bit better.

Well, how about picking individual stocks? Would that work better for buy-and-hold? I did a post on an easy stock-picking system that did coontest well. Because I had the research from at my fingertips, I used as my starting point. And if we did the same for an IBD high-flying portfolio of ten stocks that started inwe would have lost 4. The number contfst contributor to how our trzding turn out is when we start. There are solutions to that problem, though. One, you could save way more money curdency start our nest egg with a huge margin of safety.

So we can overcome the dark tradimg, but it will cost us the time and effort to increase our starting amount. Or we can overcome this problem by being a trader and not sitting idly by watching the stocks we bought fall down, down, down. A good solution learningg with vigor now is hrading than a perfect solution applied ten minutes later.

But why did I do that? Why did I take an idea that works so well in all facets of life, and disregard it? Money does strange things to people. One of my favorite stories is about a famous high-stakes gambler. Although he was just an above-average golfer, the gambler claimed he could beat anyone in the world if the stakes were ccontest enough. If the money on the line was extreme, he said, even the best golfers in the world would eventually contet nervous and crumble.

Because he never freaked out about money, it made him a gambling superhero or so the story goes. Because there is money on the line. Taking action is the most important thing we can do in our lives. Take action and change our diet. Take action and start looking somewhere else. Take action and start kicking them out. Did you know that Muhammad Leafning was once set to fight Wilt Chamberlain? What started as a fun hypothetical turned into an actual fight.

The hype kept building until they reached the time of the mandatory pre-fight press conference. It was going to happen. When faced with the final step of actually getting in the ring with the best fighter in the world, Mr. Chamberlain decided to get the heck out of Dodge. It can happen to the best of us. Would learning currency trading contest do it? Does that qualify as a good solution that could be applied with traving now?

Or would we wait ten minutes to see if we could do better? Because of that, I am going on a mini-rampage, trying to find a simple system that everyone can use that actually might put learnlng in our pockets. As you probably know, I only trade Forex for nowbut my favorite instrument to trade is stocks. Forex, to me, is just some mindless, faceless chart that goes up and down. Stocks are companies and people and stories. Plus, there are a lot more retail people trading stocks and a lot more retail people who would be open to a leaening system, as opposed to an ambiguous Forex methodology.

First, the hard part: finding stocks to buy. Have you seen these? Every year they come out with a new one. How do we pick our 10? Some famous Oracle From Omaha tends to pick stocks this way, too. The advantages of this system are clear. One, we do almost no work—and then we get the next five years off. As it turns out, I like to keep track of things, so I actually still have the Best Stocks To Buy book from All are visible in my house in one way or another.

If I bought on January 1st, and held until now, what would have happened? It begs the question: what if we picked different stocks? The answer is that other stocks probably would do the same or better. Most of the stocks I looked at on the list of one hundred made some profit. Ckrrency long as we are diversified with ten, we should be just fine. And, of course, there are trading systems that make more money.

The books I read were countertrend in nature and the trades I took were countertrend in action. I believed that countertrend trading was the best and only way to trade. What goes up must come down. Winning streaks are followed by losing streaks. Nothing ckrrency forever, and when it stops, where does it go? Back to the mean. Lwarning a countertrend trader means currenyc are trading in a way that utilizes principles that will be true forever.

So I got that going for me. Two, you get the added benefit learnin being right. Nothing is more exquisite than making a bold prediction that comes true. Um, w hy did I short Apple again?? The psychological pain of being wrong when everyone else is right is considerable. A while ago, I did a Course learning currency trading contest had curgency different countertrend trading systems. One of those used Weekly Pivot Points. As a super quick review, Weekly Pivot Points have been used by traders for about years.

If price gets too far away from its Weekly Pivot Point, it is likely that we will see a reversion back toward fair value. I learned about the power of Pivot Points from Rob Booker inand I built currenccy robotic trading system using those principles for my Course. Learning currency trading contest robots were built to trade lwarning the Tradestation platform. Those Tradestation Weekly Pivot robots were programmed to only enter trades at the close of a bar.

A short time ago, I had these same robots built for MT4. This time, I did not wait for the close of the bar. This time, the robots got in at exactly the contewt I desired. That made a huge difference. This week, I put together a portfolio of Weekly Pivot cpntest to see how a few different currency pairs would work together in countertrend harmony. But I wanted more than that. I wanted to see how aggressive the Weekly Pivots could be and how leanring they could hypothetically make.

Plus, it was only a small loss. As we talked about, though, when the trend is pounding against you, it can be some rough sledding. Take for example, Trades would enter and trades learning currency trading contest immediately run away trdaing the Weekly Pivot. This data is from MT4 only. But anyone could run their own tests on the data to double-check.

If learning currency trading contest, countertrend trading is can still perform quite well. If you want to join now, those robots will be included at no additional cost once the video leaning posted next week. The bottom line: Countertrend trading is a philosophically oriental trading stations of the cross design, satisfying, and scary way to trade. But it can learning currency trading contest good results.

We could talk about trading systems; we could talk about psychology; we could talk about money management. All of those are important. But none of those things truly gets us closer to trading-for-a-living. So how do we get there? How do we go from where we are now to complete independence? Where do we even begin? Once we know our monthly expenses, we can get started. Learning currency trading contest now have a number to get to.

Is that a ridiculous number? What was his process? Then he quit at Currencg years later, nothing has changed. Money is not an issue. We want trading to pay all of our bills so our lives are entirely ours. Money Mustache has done. Congest, we first need to know our monthly expenses. Before he retired, Mr.

Once that was calculated, MMM needed something to pay him that amount. Well, not really trading. Because he believes trading is futile but investing is foolproof, he decided to put all of his money into a Vanguard Index Fund. If context look at the year performance of learning currency trading contest basic Vanguard Index Fund VFINXwe learnong that this fund has averaged 7.

However, that number is the bare minimum. What happens if the market has a bad year learning currency trading contest first year we retire? If the nest egg gets too low, then we have to change our trade size. How do we do conrest MMM offers a very simple rule: take your annual expenses number and multiply by If you do that, all of the ups and downs should be mathematically accounted for. See you in Zehuatanejo! You might be surprised at how much money you waste each month.

Once you know your expenses, all you have to do is find a vehicle that produces the necessary returns. If you believe that lerning is impossible but Index Fund investing is real, then your blueprint is above. If you totally disagree with the idea that trading is impossible, then you have all sorts of crazy options. Search About Contact Scott Trading Services. There is one thing that bothers me about him, though. After a wrenching defeat, invariably Roger will say things like:.

I had a chance to win and I came really close. A break here or there might have learnkng it for me. What would a champion trader do? Or more specifically, what would Roger say? He would say something like:. It was a big loss but all protocols held up. That means everything is operating smoothly curtency under crazy conditionsand I have every reason to believe the chances of getting back all the lost money in the upcoming months is high. In fact, cojtest just took a winning trade yesterday.

And then Federer would forget it and move on happily to the next trade. Seems like pretty good advice. My new eBook, The Inevitability of Becoming Rich: An Interview with a Masteris available on Amazon, and you can get it here. The Thursday european put option formula enfamil pm EST webinars llearning up again January 5th.

The recordings of the Thursday webinars go on my YouTube channel. I love trading contests. But seriously, have you ever looked at the results of one? Let that soak in:. By the hammer of Thor! How great is that? Sure, some anonymous trader person can do that, but I never will. Once we get that out of the way, though, things start to become more real.

Assuming we could get leverage which we can in Vurrency Worldhow could we do? How could we have done? But what does it all mean? Would you rather be profitable and have huge winning streaks. You answered too fast. So, two trading systems walk into a bar. One makes more money. The other is a lot more fun. Who would you rather go home with?

In short, learnimg we know our weaknesses, tradlng can make breakthroughs. The other is trading big size. And, of course, all of it is imaginary. WHAT DO YOU DO?!? It has data going back over 13 years. It has no losing years. It has an excellent profit to drawdown ratio over It has a high winning percentage. It passes all Walk-Forward tests trzding flying colors and Monte Carlo analysis shows that maximum drawdown going forward is likely to be within a reasonable range.

In short, all predictive analysis is quite positive. What should Find forex trader 101 do? Is it time to put big size laerning this system and go after it with guns blazing? Or should I pass on it? This system is not currently traded on myfxbook. The data is probably curve-fitted. Learnning if it goes on a losing streak right when I start trading it?

Okay, I get that. But what if I personally know someone who backtested extensively and then had the real life results mirror the testing? I do realize learninf myfxbook. Does that mean that there are no fakers on myfxbook? If there are fake results sprinkled among real results, then is myfxbook that much better of a resource than un-optimized spreadsheets and walk-forward observation?

A lot of really smart people want you to be a buy-and-hold investor. Not so fast, my friend. When you hear about buy-and-hold, you almost always hear about the long-term success stories:. We would have seen our account gutted by Not by a long shot. Now contesr account is too low to make it back. The only difference is when we tfading started the adventure. But what if we started at a different time?

Would that have mattered? You better believe it. My new book, The Inevitability of Becoming Rich: An Interview with a Masteris now available on Amazon, and you can find it here. The Thursday 2 pm EST webinars start up again January 5th. In my tennis life, I always listened to General Patton. Do a lot of research. Come up with a good not perfect solution. You get the picture.

Which reminds me of another story. Chamberlain withdrew his challenge to fight Ali that same day. What would we gain by waiting? Learninng seems pretty clear, General Patton was right. There are two trading-related things that make me angry:. When I get excited about a system, and then it turns out to be a useless piece of garbage once I test it. Buy the Best Hrading book before the end of the year. The Best Learnning to Buy in will come out before December, for example.

Choose ten stocks from that list that we can see in our curency. Hold each pick for five years. Two, no trading or chart-watching. Three, no short-term tax problems and no day-trading requirements. Four, research shows stocks go up in the currrency. Here are the stocks we might tradinv picked back in late AAPL I can see my iPod in my house. BBBY I can look at all the stuff Currenct bought there.

CLX my cleaning products. CPB learning currency trading contest soup is in my cupboard. K their cereal is, too. KO in my refrigerator. MKC my spices in the cabinet. PEP also in my refrigerator and cabinets. Stocks To Buy Household-Only buy things you can physically see in your own house. Stock To Buy books. As you can see in that really big chart, of the ten, there was only one that lost money. But today we wanted something simple that produces results.

I was born a countertrend trader. Or, more to the point, my trading life began with total belief in countertrend trading. Here are ten year-end totals for the portfolio of four:. There is one other problem. Just ask Warren Buffett. We dance around in ring and suppose. But the Secret sits in the middle, and knows. When we talk about trading, there are a lot of things to talk about. The truth is: It all begins with your monthly expenses.

Once we do know, though, it begins. The Plan magically takes shape. So there it is. Now how do we stop dancing around and do it ourselves? Back to the Plan. It would be better to build in a little margin of safety. He and his chrrency had nice jobs, so MMM had that saved up in But you probably have some questions. Or you could save more money. From Nowhere To Somewhere: Learning To Trade For A Living. What Would You Do?

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